I am Michael Ivory, the CEO of Michael Ivory Photography. In over seven plus years of experience as a professional photographer, I have had the opportunity of being published in various independent magazines across the United States. I have trained and continue to train new independent photographers new to photography. 

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Model in Gold Bathing Suit Leaning Against Brick Wall


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  • I loved working with Michael. He brought fun and good vibes to the shoot so i didn't have to feel shy while we were taking pictures. He has passion and creativity in  the work he is doing. He is also open to your ideas for the shoot. I would definitely love to wok with him again.

  • My name is Issa M. I am a female model based in New York City. I must say that Michael is an extraordinarily professional photographer that is strictly about his craft. i would highly recommend him to anyone who requires a photographer.

  • Come to Michael Ivory Photography with a clear vision and the excision will be shot with quality beyond your expectations. As he looks through the lens of his camera to get that perfect shots, he always thinking about how to marry the angle and poses to perfection in his mind. You will be more than satisfied with the quality content you will receive.

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